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New Bolivar Poderosos LCDH Knokke & Gent Jar!

4th exclusive jar - Limited production of 100 jars!

Dear Aficionado's,

LCDH Knokke & Gent are proud to announce the release of the 4th exclusive LCDH Knokke & Gent Jar limited to 100 pieces.

This time we selected the new Bolivar Poderosos Edicion Regionales Belux to honour Simon Bolivar and celebrate the opening of our new LCDH in Gent this year. Simon Bolivar is the 4th mythical person that was selected for our LCDH Knokke & Gent Jar series.

Simón Bolívar (1783 - 1830) was a military and political leader. Bolívar played a key role in Latin America's successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire, and is today considered one of the most influential politicians in the history of the Americas. During his lifetime, he led Venezuela, Colombia (including Panama at the time), Ecuador, Peru (together with Don José de San Martín), and Bolivia to independence from the Spanish Empire.

In 1901, the Rocha Cuban Cigar Company began producing the outstanding brand 'Bolivar'. The range comprises full strength cigars using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region.. Named after this South America revolutionary General, the cigar is often compared to the character of the great General himself: strong, powerful and robust in every way. Today, Bolivar cigars are thought to be amongst the strongest, most full - bodied cigars produced in Cuba.

Special for the BeLux market, a special vitola, called the Rodolfo is launched and was selected for this unique limited production jar.

Ring: 54
Length: 180 mm
Commercial name: Rodolfo
Factory name: Double Pyramid
Jar price: 750 Euro

Aficionado's that ordered the initial set have first right to select the identical nr to complete their series. Shipping is foreseen end of December. The jar can be found in the Collector Items part of the webshop.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

Kind regards,